They are
our passion


While I have loved caring for animals my whole life, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the opportunity to pursue a career in this field. Nothing makes me happier than waking up every day and getting to care for animals, it’s a dream come true!


We will love and care for your pets as if they’re our own! We pride ourselves on our compassion and reliability. Let us show you our level of dedication to your pet.


Rachel Egyed


I grew up in a home that ALWAYS had a dog, even 2 for a while. So loving dogs came naturally given I was raised around them from before I could even walk or talk. While living abroad in Israel for 6 months, I came across endless strays, cats and dogs both, and found myself visiting them everyday to give them food. I returned to the US and began pursuing a career in law enforcement while walking dogs on the side and that was when I discovered the passion I had for this career. I discovered the joy and happiness it brought me to wake up and care for people’s pets every day. I love developing a great relationship with every animal I have the pleasure of caring for.